A Single Mission. A Joint Goal.

Facilitating shidduchim in a professional and dignified manner.

Lusheves connects singles and their parents with over 200 vetted and skilled shadchanim.

An organization with a firm and focused goal of creating a resume registry of chassidish, heimish singles. These resumes are made available to our team of screened, sensitive, and skilled shadchanim.

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Comfortable at the interview

“I felt very comfortable at the interview even though I was surrounded by so many ladies.
Suri did a great job when it came to the shidduch.”

M. C. Monsey

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Protected my dignity

“Lusheves, no words of thanks can express my gratitude for helping me find my bashert. Perhaps even greater is my appreciation for the respect I was shown that protected my dignity at a time when I felt so vulnerable.”

R. S. Boro Park

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At ease as soon as I stepped into the office

“My phone calls were returned promptly by lusheves, and I was given an interview date that was convenient for me.  I was understandably nervous, but I was put at ease as soon as I stepped into the office.  The shadchanim were unbelievably genuine and devoted!”

E. S. Monsey

At the helm:

Lusheves, a premier shidduch organization, was founded in 2018 by Mrs. Suri Schneebalg. It was created to meet the needs of the growing chassidish and heimish single population.

Lusheves offers a personalized approach to a broad spectrum of varied shidduch needs by a team of caring, discreet shadchanim for whom their work is genuinely meleches hakodesh.

These women strive to ease the process of shidduchim for the men and women, who wish to utilize the services of an organization that sees and  treats each person as a valued individual.

Raised in a home of askonas, Mrs. Schneebalg, has always been and continues to be heavily involved in klal work.

Over time, her team of vetted and trained Shadchanim grew to accommodate the needs of the flourishing, and varying, chassidish and heimishe communities.

To date, Lusheves has been zocheh to suggest and facilitate hundreds of shidduchim.

Driven by mission, skilled by profession. 

With a solid resolution to help as many singles as possible,  and  charging a minimal  fee, Lusheves’ network of volunteer shadchanim are:

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Lusheves shadchanim are vetted and handpicked before joining the team. Annual events and trainings hosted by the organization emphasizing high-level skills and sensitivities. Halochos pertaining to Shidduchim are constantly reviewed.

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Resumes are Lusheves property and our shadchanim treat them as such.
These are not ever circulated  without parental consent.

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The shadchanim are devoted and dedicated to the members of Lusheves and treat all information with deserving sensitivity and respect. We  are constantly looking to grow and appreciate feedback from singles to understand them better.

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Lusheves is always there as torch bearers

When I feel burnt out, Lusheves is always there as torch bearers, reigniting the path needed to carry on with the holy mission of shadchanis. 

N.O Shadchan Monsey

Lusheves is not an office, it’s a מקום קדוש.

M. Deutsch, Monsey

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How to join:


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The more information you can provide the simpler you are.



The Lusheves shadchanim received your information!
As soon as an idea comes up, they will contact you directly.

Lusheves offers a variety of other services and programs for its members:

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Weekly opportunities to meet 1-on-1 with a shadchan

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Bi-annual meet-and-greet shadchan events

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Shidduch training seminars for young new shadchanim.

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Weekly meetings with large group of shadchanim.

Trying to get into this הייליגע field?  We will train, guide and support you!

Join a community of shadchanim, and enter a network of support.

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